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What is Scholarly?

Scholarly Article checklist:

  • Does it have a list of sources used (bibliography/references/works cited)?
  • Are the authors experts in their field?
  • Is it published in an academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed journal?
  • Does it have few ads, plain black & white appearance and a length over 10 pages?
  • Is it written in specialized language for researchers and professors?

Scholarly Article Example

Scholarly Journal Databases

All databases contain different collections of information. Some are interdisciplinary, while others focus on a specific subject. Search both the interdisciplinary and the databases in your subject area(s) to find the best results for your research.

NOTE: All of these databases contain other types of articles besides scholarly (academic) articles. Use the advanced search and search results limiters to narrow your results to just scholarly/academic/peer reviewed.

Interdisciplinary (covering all subject areas)

By Subject:





Political Science