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St. George's School Archives & Special Collections

Capturing memories from as far back as our founding in 1896, the archives house a vibrant collection of documents, photographs and other artifacts defining our rich history.

About the Archives

Mission Statement

The St. George's School Archives serves as the collective memory of St. George's School from its establishment in 1896 to the present. By acquiring, preserving, cataloging, and making available materials of permanent historical value relating to the school and its operations, the archives promotes a rich understanding of the school's unique identity.

The Special Collections consists of books and artifacts that are not part of the archives collection but are deemed of particular value to St. George's. In many cases, special collection materials have been donated by former and current members of the school community for the purpose of enriching the school's educational program or to supplement the school's historical record.  

 Access Policy

The archives is open to the St. George's community and outside researchers by appointment; contact the archivist for a detailed description of the terms of access.

 Collection Policy

The archives seeks to collect information of permanent and historical value to the school. Materials include but are not limited to records, papers, photographs, prints, artwork, ephemera, school publications, scrapbooks, audiovisual materials, electronic files, and artifacts.  Materials come to the archives from departments, committees, and offices within the school and individual donors outside of the school including alumni and friends.  In addition to collecting the official records of the school, the archives documents the academic, social, athletic and extracurricular activities of the school community.

The archives also welcomes the donation of books published by members of the school community for its St. George's Authors Collection.

The special collections seeks materials of particular value to the educational program of the school.  Materials that have a high collecting priority include those holding a personal or subject connection to St. George's School and/or its geographic location.

Individuals interested in donating materials to the archives or special collections should contact the archivist.