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Finding & Using Images in Research


There are great deal of images on the internet - and it's overwhelming! Before you start your search, think about:

  • What type of visual evidence will help support the claims in my paper or project?
  • How will the image help my reader better understand my topic or argument?
  • How will I incorporate analysis of the image into my work?

When using an image, do your due diligence to find its source so you can properly credit the maker in your work. This may entail some sleuthing if the image you found is on social media or reposted from somewhere else on a website. 

Instead of first turning to Google Images, here are some good places to start your search for high-quality images that are okay to use for educational purposes:

Digital Public Library of America

James H. Karales. Martin Luther King, Jr. 1962. Retrieved from the Digital Public Library of America, (Accessed April 29, 2022.)

Smithsonian Open Access

Library of Congress


JSTOR Images

J. Paul Getty Museum

British Museum

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


Wikimedia Commons

Google/ The Internet

Did you find an image on a website or social media and you're not sure of the original source? Use the Google Image reverse search to see if you can find more information.