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The Beloved Community Initiative 2021-22: Thomas Fu '11

About Thomas

Mr Yongjie Fu, aka Thomas Fu, was born and raised in the French Concession neighborhood of Shanghai, China. In 2008, right after the Beijing Olympics, Thomas arrived at St. George’s as a new sophomore to pursue his studies in the United States. While at St. George’s, Mr Fu was a bass singer in Choir, a vocalist for the Rock Guild and performed Viva La Vida by Coldplay and How to save a life by the Fray. He was a Red key tour guide, and was part of the cross country, basketball and track teams.  

After graduating from St. George’s in 2011, he attended Boston University, then transferred to Fordham University Gabelli School of Business and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance. At Fordham University, Thomas was part of the Men’s crew team in 2014 and 2015; and also the founder of Fordham Initiative of Real Estate(aka FIRE).  After graduating from Fordham University, Thomas began his career at Capalino's venture arm where he advised clients on both commercial real estate investments and developments and startups that wanted to penetrate the New York City market. 

Thomas is currently a Venture Partner at Longbrook Ventures which focuses on investing in industry changing businesses for the long term. Aside from being a Venture Capitalist, Mr Fu also serves as the CIO of his family office which invests in global real estate and public equity. 

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